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Temperature Datalogger for sterilization processes

The SterilDisk, data logger for temepratures up to 140C, is presented in a circular housing, 36 mm in diameter and just 18 mm high, making it compact and therefore easy to position, even in the tightest spaces or in more than one device when mapping temperature inside chambers. The main body is in AISI316L stainless steel, whilst the isolating parts are o-rings: these materials, apart from being able to support very high temperatures without exhibiting deformation, are also food grade. The data logger, therefore, has numerous applications, from medical or industrial, in sterilisation processes, to the food industry, where it is possible to monitor the actual product and not simply the environment in which it is manufactured.
There are also the versions with external Probe: 10, 30 or 50 mm length; the 50 mm has a threaded part to be screwed on different surfaces. The SterilDisk can be provided with a calibration certificate Accredia (Italian calibration center, NIST equivalent) traceable.

  • sterilisation and general production processes control;
  • food transport monitoring, directly in contact with the product;
  • laboratories ovens monitoring.
There are also the PasteurDisk Probe and the SterilCyl Radio wireless data logger, all food grade and available with calibration certificate.
  • high accuracy and precision;
  • compact and available in two versions: standard and Probe;
  • completely food grade and waterproof;
  • printed reports can be used for health regulations and ISO compliance;
  • F0 and PU (Pasteurisation Units) calculation and possibility to customize parameters;
  • can have a calibration certificate.
The System
The basic system is made up by: The advanced TS Manager system for autoclave validation is made up by: Both software will give information on battery status when logger is connected.

Size 18 hh X 36 diameter (mm) 
Material Stainless steel AISI316L(completely Food Grade) 
Temperature range 0 C +140 C (up to 10 bar) 
Resolution 0,01 C  
Accuracy 0,1 C (within calibration range: +25C +125C)  
N acquisitions 20200 
Acquisition interval From 1 every second up 
Battery life User replaceable
1.400.000 acquisitions, with acquisition step of 1 @ 25C; battery life might be less if exposed to high and low temperatures 
Protection degree IP68  
Compliancy - EN12830 - EN285 

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