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Management software for sterilisation data loggers

The SPD software is the management program for the SterilDisk, PasteurDisk, SterilCyl, PasteurCyl, SterilDisk Jumbo, PasteurDisk Jumbo, SterilCyl Jumbo, PasteurCyl Jumbo, SterilDisk Can, PasteurDisk Can, SterilCyl Radio and PasteurCyl Radio dataloggers.
It's easy to use, intuitive and full of options. The communication with the devices is made by the Disk Interface (serial or USB), that allows to start the loggers and download the data from them, setting also the start delay and some notes. Data are then displayed on graph, with zoom function, and table, exportable in Excel.
It is possible to put two verticla markers (lines) to highlight a particolar area of the process, giving a name to the markers too: for example, it is possible to select the beginning and the end of the process, or a particular phase of it, calculating the F0 value for that portion only.
The software calculates the F0 and the PU (pasteurisation units) of the process to evaluate the level of sterilisation or pasteurisation. In the configuration window it is possible to set the parameters for the F0 and PU calcualtion according to the process you want to monitor. The software, moreover, allows to print complete reports with graph, data table, device serial number, and other notes added by the user. It is also possible to see the battery status of the connected device.
A speciale feature gives the possibility to set a stop time for the mission: you can program the logger to automatically stop acquisitions after a certain period expressed in seconds, minutes, hours or days.
The SPD software supports the wireless datalogger for pasteurisation and sterilisation too, PasteurCyl Radio and SterilCyl Radio. Through the USB Radio Receiver you will be able to receive data real time from your process. You will see the data one after another, you will be able to assign an alarm profile (on F0/PU values and temeprature values to be reached) and you can choose up to 4 sensors (that can be selected any time) to display a graph both for the temperature and the dynamic F0/PU curve.
It is possible to ask to calcualte F0/PU only for certain curves and exclude the other sensors from the statistics.
It is possible to download the user's manual in PDF format and the last software update (the full software is necessary to run properly). Download the file .zip and follow the instructions in the README.TXT inside it. It is necessary to install Microsoft .NET 4.0 to make this update run: you can download it from Microsoft website, in your OS language.

Operating systems Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32 and 64 bit) 
Data management Missions sorted by start date and logger serial number 
Data display Graph (with zoom) and table (exportable into Excel), markers for process start and end and printed report of all the data 
Multi Graph Display Two or more missions can be displayed on a single graph 
Real time display With the radio function it displays real time the temperature graph and the F0 or PU graph of up to 4 loggers choosed among all the loggers received. 
F0 and PU Automatically calculates the F0 and PU and the Z and N parameters of the formula can be set 
CFR21 Part 11 compatibility Data cannot be changed 
Communication Serial (RS232) or USB 
Languages English, Italian, French, German, Spanish 

SPD Manual, English
SPD Manual, French
SPD Manual, Italian
SPD Manual, Spanish
SPD Update
DiskInterface USB Drivers Win 8
DiskInterface USB Drivers Win Vista, 7
DiskInterface USB Drivers Windows XP

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