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Why the Pirani Vacuum Logger has this name?Pirani Vacuum Logger takes its name from Marcello Stefano Pirani who, despite his Italian name, was a German scientist.The type of sensor named after him is based on the principle of variation of thermal conductivity as pressure changes (especially at …

The dimensional drawings for PressureDisk series are available too. PressureDisk is the Tecnosoft data logger for temperatura and pressure monitoring for autoclave and sterilisation processes. Click on the link below and scroll down the page till the Documentation section.

DeepWave has landed


Finally the day of DeepWave has arrived, the new wireless environmental monitoring system with LoRa technology and calibrated Smart Sensors. Contact us and get to know all the details of DeepWave!

Finally, the Tecnosoft countdown has also come to an end. Tomorrow the new environmental monitoring system with innovative calibrated sensors and radio transmission with Lo.Ra protocol will be revealed. Thanks to this technology, the data can be transmitted over very great distances and the signal …

Do you want to know more about the Pirani Vacuum Logger, the origin of its name and the principle on which the sensor based on the German scientist is based? Read the new document on the logger page itself.

From today the validation software compatible with the FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU annex 11 and GAMP 5 regulations supports the latest arrival of Tecnosoft devices, the Pirani Vacuum Logger. The "Pirani" is the ideal companion for monitoring temperature and above all pressure at very low temperatures and…


Tecnosoft presents the new Pirani Vacuum Logger, for pressure and temeprature in the hydrogen peroxide autoclaves for plasma sterilisation. Its high accuracy in the extreme vacuum field makes it the device of this kind with the most impressive performances available.