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Did you know that monitoring systems should also be used in cosmetics?The cosmetic manufacturer is responsible for the proper execution of the manufacturing and packaging operations in accordance with good manufacturing practice.Our systems are suitable for use in the cosmetic field, compatible with…



A lot of you were waiting for it and here it is!S-MicroWH Temperature data logger for autoclaves resistant up to 150°C!Tecnosoft offers a full range of tools suited to precise and specific monitoring aimed to observe standards and quality requirementsContact us our team is at your disposal!

Steam, how can be it used during a sterilisation process?

The device for monitoring extreme vacuum, the Pirani Vacuum Logger, is also the ideal tool for validating freeze-drying processes. It can be calibrated from -60 ° C and record pressures up to a thousandth of a mbar.

From today the validation software compatible with the FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU annex 11 and GAMP 5 regulations supports the latest arrival of Tecnosoft devices, the Pirani Vacuum Logger. The "Pirani" is the ideal companion for monitoring temperature and above all pressure at very low temperatures and…

New Pirani Vacuum


Tecnosoft presents the new Pirani Vacuum Logger, for pressure and temeprature in the hydrogen peroxide autoclaves for plasma sterilisation. Its high accuracy in the extreme vacuum field makes it the device of this kind with the most impressive performances available.