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Management software for USB data loggers, multi-graph display, graph with zoom and selection of the curvs to be displayed.

DGraph is the management software for USB data loggers such as:

  • TempUSB (tutte le versioni)
  • HumiUSB (tutte le versioni)
  • VoltUSB
  • CurrUSB

It is possible to download the complete software update and USB drivers from this page.


DGraph 6.1 - Complete software (USB drivers included)
USB data loggers - USB drivers


Main features

  • Start and download data from the loggers
  • Graph with zoom and selection of the curvs to be displayed
  • Multi-Graph display
  • Data table
  • Assignment a name to each channel and enable/disable it easily
  • Data exportable to excel and other formats
  • Printed reports with information on the acquired data, table, graph
  • Assign a name to each channel
  • Customize the folders where to save the data

Operating systems Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32, 64 bit)
Data loggers supported TempUSB (all versions), HumiUSB (all versions), RHTPUSB, VoltUSB, CurrUSB
Data management Saved in customized folders
Data display Graph with zomm, table, printed report with all data, graph, statistics
Languages English