Temperature data logger up to 140°C for cans and bottles

PasteurDisk Can (up to 100°C) and SterilDisk Can (up to 140°C) features different data loggers versions for temperature dedicated to cans and bottles eventually monitoring. On the body of the standard SterilDisk there is a small base that will fit on the concave bottom of the aluminium cans, on which a hole is made, to let the probe pass through. Along with the three standard lengths, for cold spot temperature monitoring inside the three main can sizes, there is also the probe on demand version First 10 mm of the probes are threaded so that they can be screwed on the M5 rivets (see below) applied on the cans through the Fitting system that allows to fix the pore from the outside of the package, even if it is closed.

The SterilDisk Can is a temperature data logger from -20°C to 140°C (calibration from 25°C to 140°C), with 95 or 130 or 148 mm or on demand length external probe (probes cannot be switched) on a 6 mm base (base height is not counted for probe length), IP68, in AISI316 L stainless steel, for sterilisation, pasteurisation, cooking processes monitoring. Managed through SPD and TS Manager (compatible with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulation) software and the interfaces DiskInterface HS Mini, DiskInterface HS and Multibay. Ideal for cold spot monitoring of cans and also bottles. It can be used alone or in combination with other loggers of the same model or different models, also for pressure monitoring. With every SterilDisk Can a battery kit for battery replacement is includedBattery is user replaceable and the data logger is provided with an Accredia (NIST equivalent) traceable cetificate on 6 points.

The version for up to 100°C only is available too.

There are also other models of high temperature data loggers, for pressure and humidity too.


SPD - Complete software (USB drivers included)
DiskInterface HS, DiskInterface HS Mini - USB drivers Windows XP / Vista / 7
DiskInterface HS, DiskInterface HS Mini - USB drivers Windows 8 / 10
TS Manager - Complete software (USB drivers included)
Tecno Calib - Complete software (USB drivers included)
Multibay - USB drivers Windows Xp / Vista / 7
Multibay - USB drivers Windows 8 / 10
DiskInterface (old model) - USB driver Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10



Main features

  • Small size
  • Small step at probe base to be inserted on the base of the cans
  • Completely food grade and waterproof
  • All software calculate lethality value (F0, PU, A0 ecc.)
  • User replaceable battery (software shows battery status)
  • Accredia (NIST equivalent) traceable calibration certificate included
  • Available extended calibration from - 20°C (order extra calibration points; in case of wide calibration range the accuracy might be worse)


  • High accuracy and precision
  • The only device specifically designed for cans
  • Printed reports compliant with health regulations and ISO (data are not editable in the software)
  • Can be fixed to food package and surfaces with the Mounting Base

The system

The system is made up by:

  • PasteurDisk Can or SterilDisk Can temperature data logger
  • DiskInterface HS Mini or DiskInterface HS or Universal Multibay
  • SPD software or TS Manager software (compatible with the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulation)

Dimensions 17,4 h X 36,5 Ø (mm)
Probe dimensions Probe base dimensions 6 h X 12 Ø (mm) - Probe 95/130/148 l X 3 Ø (mm) - Probe l on demand X 3 Ø (mm) (l on demand: min. 20 mm / max. 185 mm. For longer probes ask for quotation). First 10 mm of the probe are threaded with M5 screw pitch
Weight 91 gr
Materials Stainless steel AISI316L, PEEK
Temperature range -20 °C ÷ +140 °C
Standard calibration points (temperature) 25/50/75/100/125/140°C
Extra calibration points (temperature) Within the range -20 °C ÷ +140 °C
Temperature resolution 0,01 °C
Temperature accuracy ± 0,2 °C (within the calibration range)
Memory (n. of acquisitions) 20.224
Acquisition step From 1 every second up, with 1 second steps
Protection degree IP68
Battery life +1.400.000 acquisitions at 1 second step continuously (calculated time @25°C. Battery life may be shorter if used in low temperatures)
Software&Mobile App SPD, TS Manager
Accessories DiskInterface HS Mini, DiskInterface HS, Universal Multibay


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