Wireless monitoring for temperature and humidity in environments such as warehouses, stockhouses, laboratories, hospitals, museums, fridges, freezers

Syrinx is a system for temperature and humidity monitoring in environments such as warehouses, stockhouses, buildings, laboratories, hospitals, museums etc., and fridges, fridge cells, ultra freezers. It is based upon the ZED radio modules that can accept up to two sensors each. These are intelligent sensors, for a quick and easy recalibration: just replace the expiring sensor with a new calibrated one and the system will recognize it and will be automatically calibrated, updating the dates.

Intelligent sensors can be of temperature only or temperature and humidity. It is possible to buy ZED modules with a sensor included and add later another sensor, even of another type, or you can purchase ZED modules with no sensor and add them as you like.

ZED transmit via radio data from the sensors to receivers called EAP (Ethernet Access Point) connected to the network; these send data to a collector called Syrinx that has different models. Data are shown on the FridgeLog Z software installed on one or more PCs.



Main features

  • Wireless transmission with email and SMS alarms
  • Thermal history for each monitoring point (data appended one after the other)
  • Quick and easy recalibration thanks to the intelligent sensors
  • Shared data access (multi user software with login and password access)
  • User replaceable batteries
  • Email and SMS alarms to different recipients divided into groups.


  • High accuracy
  • Long battery life
  • HACCP compatible with ISO management
  • Thanks to the ZigBee radio modules data are secured through the bidirectional communication and the internal memory of each sensor. In case of communicatin failure, data are saved in the memory that will transmit them as soon as communication is established again
  • Recalibration is immediate, easy and not expensive with the intelligent sensors
  • Using repeaters and Ethernet Acess Points big distances and multi level installations can be covered

The system

Sysrin system is made up by:

  • ZED IT with intelligent sensors – radio module with temperature or temperature and humidity sensors
  • Ethernet Access Point (EAP) – Radio receiver and Ethernet transmitter
  • Syrinx L or Syrinx Mini – EAP data collector and alarm manager
  • FridgeLog Z – Data management software

Alarms Email, SMS (with ZED IT and Syrinx system only)


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