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Android App for TempBLE bluetooth temperature monitoring. Reports data in real time and the out of limit alarms.

Android App for TempBLE Bluetooth data loggers, designed for temeprature controlled transport and logistic applications, downloadable from Tecnosoft website (apk file, to be installed on your Android phone). After pairing with one or more loggers, set the acquisition step and the alarm limits and start the transport. You'll start receiving data in real time and the out of limit alarms. At each delivery you can generate an HTML file to send via email data from transpot start. Connecting a Bluettoth printer lets you print all data as well.

If a data is not received it will be retrieved with next connection.


TempBLE App Delivery
TempBLE App Delivery Lite



Main features

  • TempBLE management and real time data download
  • Alarms on limits in real time
  • Geolocalization of the delivery points with creation of a list for rapid search and email generation
  • HTML reports automatically sent to the address set in the delivery point
Operating systems Android
It requires Bluetooth 4.0 device
Data management Stored in internal memory, printed on Bluetooth printer or sent via email (HTML)
Data display Realt time visualization of current data
Customizable parameters Acquistion step, max and min limits
Languages Italian, English