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Research and development


Tecnosoft also develops projects for important companies in the medical, geotechnical and other fields. The innovative solutions in these projects allowed Tecnosoft to develop up to date systems and technical scientific software, highly appreciated by many operators.
Tecnosoft is able to follow the project both on the hardware and firmware/software point of view, writing along with the Customer the technical specifics of the project itself, searching for the best way to solve any requirement. If you have a particular request and want to take advantage of Tecnosoft know how, even along with existing systems, don't hesitate and contact us immediately.

Tecnosoft designs, develops and assembles its own systems in its premises and owns all necessary equipment to adapt, modify and customize each part of them. Should you have a particular need and find an instrument that might do the job but you would like it slightly different, do not hesitate to ask! We can talk about possible modifications and customizations so to give you the device that fits your needs.
If, on the other hand, you do not find the device that can be useful to you, contact us anyway: we might derive a new system from and existing one or design brand new solution for you and your application.

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