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Tecnosoft offers Technical Assistance on its systems, software and devices, to various sources with a different degree of interaction.
If you need technical assistance, here is what you can do:

  • consult our website: here you can find many if not all the answers to your technical questions about devices and software: what is the maximum operating temperature? Can it be immersed? Which operating system is supported? And so on. We encourage you to always consult the page relating to the data logger, software or interface when you have questions
  • consult the manuals and quick guides to systems and software, in addition to the dedicated brochures and tutorials and instructions for systems, solutions and use of the same. You will find a lot of supporting documentation such as the tutorials on sterilization and the calculation of lethality, on the MKT and the user manuals of the software
  • consult the FAQ and Troubleshooting section: here you will find a constantly updated source, divided into sections, with a wealth of information both to help you resolve doubts about the operation and use of the loggers, and to help you diagnose a problem . In addition, you will also find a lot of support information for your processes and for the correct analysis of the data collected
  • on our YouTube channel you can find video tutorials both for the use of loggers and for the functions of software or systems in general. Consult it often because it is also constantly updated and you can quickly find the information you need for your work
  • contact us via chat: we may immediately have the answer to your question or receive your request and subsequently send you an answer
  • contact us through our Assistance & Support site: here you can not only download the certificates of all your loggers in addition to the certificates of the primary instruments used to calibrate them, but also send us requests for support, including any attachments, via a messaging system. Your request will be taken care of by a technician who will answer you in a short time and will contact you to give you assistance
  • finally, you can send an email to our support account describing your question and attaching any screenshots of the software or photos of the loggers. Our technicians will answer you by taking charge of your request.

By adding a small annual fee you can access the Platinum service of our Technical Assistance: when you contact us leave us a telephone number. We will call you back and, if necessary, take remote control of your PC to give you support and solve your problem.