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Do you need a large number of loggers for overtime work? Do you need to temporarily expand your fleet?

No problem!

We can provide you with the loggers you need for hire. You can request temperature and humidity loggers for cold chains and mapping of rooms, warehouses, refrigerators, temperature and pressure loggers for thermal processes and validation of autoclaves, pasteurizers, incubators, disinfectants, instrument washers, freeze dryers, dryers. All rented loggers are supplied with a calibration certificate on standard calibration points.

The minimum rental period is 1 week and is calculated in weeks, which can also be extended to the current rental. Interfaces and software can also be requested for hire.

It’s not over here!

Yes, because if you do not want to make the investment for the purchase now you can access our long-term leasing plan. Rent the system for a few months or years and redeem it at the end or continue with the rental. The rental also guarantees the annual calibration, the battery change where provided, the warranty extension and also the use of the most updated system. Choose not to be surprised and move on to long-term rental!

On demand and personalized loggers, like some consumable accessories, cannot be rented.