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Tecnosoft rests its foundations on the creativity of the people it is made of. Collaboration, internal and external communication, the sharing of ideas are all fundamental and impostant values, all pursuing the achievement of the objectives set, always maintaining an ethics of correctness and honesty.

The focal points of the activity are Sales, Marketing, Product and Customer Experience.

We interface directly with end users and we have important collaborations with many partners for the distribution of our solutions. The Marketing Strategy is directly focused on the Customer and the Business Sector, with a constant development of multimedia and multi-platform content.

Our goal is that the customer, whoever he/she is, from those who use our standard systems to those who entrust us with a new project, live a unique experience from the first contacts to the final delivery and after-sales activities.

You can download Tecnosoft curriculum from here


Tecnosoft was founded in 1989 as a research and development company for data acquisition systems for third party companies: from the initial requirements of the Customers the specifics for the new system are written; the systems are usually made up by an electronic part with firmware and a management software.

Customers were from different fields and activities, from geotechnic to knitting, from medical to industrial. In all these years Tecnosoft has developed important skills in understanding the
Customer’s requirements and transfer them into the project’s specifics and the development of the system, keeping itself up to date on new available technologies providing always advanced

Since 2002 a new Tecnosoft branded line of monitoring devices has been created: it is a series of monitoring solutions of different parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure etc.

Fields of applications are many too: from pharmaceutical to food & beverages, from energetic to laboratories, from environment to medical.

Tecnosoft does not only develop the device but provides a whole complete solution that includes software dedicated to specific applications and to the different fields, that will answer to all different requirements of the regulations and of the users for an easy and user friendly system.


Since 2002 Tecnosoft has implemented a certified quality system based on the ISO 9001:2000 and now on the ISO 9001:2015, through the 9001:2008.

Quality system procedures grants that software development follows precise standards and steps so that it can be kept under control and improved constantly, thanks also to the suggestions from the many users.

Download the certrificate by clicking on the image

Quality policy

Since its beginnings Tecnosoft has been a company strongly oriented towards Research & Development of data acquisition systems that take advantage of the technological innovations available on the market. This characteristic is the core of Tecnosoft: a company that is always updated through courses, self-training, participation in events and exhibitions. This know-how is channelled into the development of own-brand systems to be presented directly on the market and the development of customised systems based on customer requirements and specifications. Applying the acquired know-how also in new markets, the experiences developed lead to the creation of group brands. Customer satisfaction is constantly monitored. Collaboration, communication both internal and external, the sharing of ideas are fundamental and core values of Tecnosoft, while pursuing the achievement of set goals and maintaining an ethic of fairness and honesty.
The working environment is at the same time happy, dynamic and inspiring, where everyone can feel free to express themselves and bring their own ideas. The employees experience Tecnosoft as a team to be proud of, and their level of satisfaction is also a matter of follow-up. Thus performance can constantly improve affecting the final customer experience.

The CDA defines the company policy, which is itself an expression of the values set out above.

Tecnosoft’s business operations are both direct, through the creation of branches around the world, and indirect, through partnerships with distributors.
In addition to a constant presence on the web and social media in general, there are publications of articles, magazines and books, and participation in conferences, events and exhibitions. Tecnosoft also collaborates with professionals from various sectors (e.g. food technologists, quality managers in the pharmaceutical world, validators, etc.) and is part of category association networks.
Last but not least, Tecnosoft is at the forefront in the development of socially useful programmes and initiatives at various levels, as well as in the realisation of an in-house Academy with courses for professional training and for the training of its clients through the assistance of experts.

What they say about us

Komets Company (South Korea)
“We trust TECNOSOFT products. We believe in the quality of TECNOSOFT products and its quality is known as one of top class in Korea.”
Henry (Sung-Min Yoo) - Team leader, Sales Dept.
"We have built a strong business cooperation in these years. Features like technique and know how distinguish this company from others. I am very proud and happy to work with Tecnosoft which has a very professional team."
Luis Abugoch James
Delta Team (Italy)
"By contacting Tecnosoft, I have always found availability, courtesy and speed in meeting my requests."
Dott. Marco Luzzini, Food Technologist
Elso Philips Service (Republic of Slovakia)
"I’m really grateful for the cooperation we have established in these years.”
Ľubomír Duchovný
Bioevibul Ltd. (Bulgaria)
"Our business relationship dates back to some years ago, I trust in Tecnosoft and our mutual business is grown along."
Eng. Petar Vulkov, PhD
Sincro Systems (Romania)
"I would like to express my gratitude for the precious cooperation we had established for my market during the last years. Their support towards the distributor is accurate."
Catalin Gheorghe
Gruppo Fini Spa (Italy)
"For several years I have been working with Tecnosoft and we are satisfied with it. Their Data Loggers respond to the quality requirements that our production processes require."
Dott.ssa Carmen Grippo
Alserco Galicia S.L. (Spain)
"Tecnosoft systems are performing and of high quality, we always find speed in deliveries and reliability"
Ángel Fernández Doval
"We receive from Tecnosoft professionalism, quality and immediate feed-back since the beginning of our cooperation."
Christos Chatzigiannis
Jiantech Enterprisers Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
"Tecnosoft brand has been successfully entering the market for years in Taiwan. Our collaboration grows constantly."
Edward Wang
LASMA LTD (Latvia)
"Tecnosoft is not only a manufacturer of data loggers, it gives assistance before and after sales. We trust in our business cooperation."
Ruta Mālniece
Impex Produkter AS (Norway)
"Even if our business relationship has started in 2019 only I’m sure that we can reach great results for the Norwegian market."
Kim Valdemarsson
Aimtec Finland Oy (Finland)
"For our market Tecnosoft is a valid reference figure, we are business partners since many years now."
Matti Kaartinen
"Our partnership started some time ago and the growth of both our realities is really significant; I am sure that, in the future, it can increase more."
Giorgia Dal Sasso
"Our business relationship is solid and even if the market has changed a lot recently, i'm convinced that our business will grow anyway”.
Marina Freixas