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SterilDisk too, the temperature logger for sterilisation up to 140°C, had its own dimensional drawings. Click on the link below and scroll down the page till the Documentation section to download it.

The names of the devices that make up the new Tecnosoft real-time monitoring system, called DeepWave, may sound strange to you but have a very precise meaning. In fact, they all represent names of some celestial bodies present in our solar system, our home! We want to introduce you to the …

The dimensional drawings for PressureDisk series are available too. PressureDisk is the Tecnosoft data logger for temperatura and pressure monitoring for autoclave and sterilisation processes. Click on the link below and scroll down the page till the Documentation section.

Today we are interviewing Leonardo Cerri, our programmer engineer behind the development of the new DeepWave system, to find out more about the latest LoRa monitoring solution presented by Tecnosoft last week and which is already raising great interest.

1 - Hi Leonardo, when did Tecnosoft…

DeepWave has landed


Finally the day of DeepWave has arrived, the new wireless environmental monitoring system with LoRa technology and calibrated Smart Sensors. Contact us and get to know all the details of DeepWave!

Finally, the Tecnosoft countdown has also come to an end. Tomorrow the new environmental monitoring system with innovative calibrated sensors and radio transmission with Lo.Ra protocol will be revealed. Thanks to this technology, the data can be transmitted over very great distances and the signal …

"Curiosity" is the name of the Mars rover used in the MSL program. Curiosity is what has always pushed man towards discovery and we hope that curiosity for the new real-time monitoring system based on Lo.Ra. technology (Long Distance) from Tecnosoft take you to come discover it on our site and on …

-3! Only 3 days at the end of the countdown for Tecnosoft's new real-time monitoring system. A new innovative radio system to record temperature, humidity and more with intuitive, complete and easy-to-configure software. Keep following the wave!

The countdown of Crew Dargon was a success and the moment was exciting: did you live it too? Tecnosoft invites you to follow another launch, next Thursday: that of its new real-time monitoring system. The wait is about to end!

The countdown has started and cannot be stopped! Not even on the weekend. The distance is long but the journey towards the discovery of a new system has passed the halfway point. Are you ready for the monitoring revolution?