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Temperature data logger with external sensor and submergible protective case

TempStick Probe IP68 temperature data logger is a miniaturized temperature recorder with cable and rigid metal probe of verious lengths and protected in a case that makes it submersible; it has a wide range of monitoring applications especially in the food and pharmaceutical industry and in the environment, for continuous monitoring in fridges and fridge cells according to ISO 9001 and 12830 standards, HACCP, FDA, BRC ecc. certification. Its reduced size and no need of external power supply make the TempStick system extremely versatile. The data logger can be supplied with calibration certificate with Accredia (Italian reference center, NIST equivalent) traceability.

The rigid metal probe is made with stainless steel AISI 316L, food grade, and is available in different types:

  • 3 cm length, 4 mm diameter, rounded tip for immersion (ordering code 03)
  • 8 cm length, 4 mm diameter, rounded tip for immersion (ordering code 04)
  • 3 cm length, 4 mm diameter, pointed tip for penetration (ordering code 05)
  • 8 cm length, 4 mm diameter, pointed tip for penetration (ordering code 06)

Cable is 4 mm diameter and has a standard length of 30 cm but it can be ordered longer.

Available also in the following versions:
  • TempStick: with internal sensor
  • TempStick Probe with handle: with cable, rigid probe, handle
  • TempStick Probe: with cable, rigid probe
  • TempStick Probe with thin cable:  with thin cable, rigid probe
  • TempStick Probe -80:  with cable, rigid probe, for temperatures from -80°C
  • TempStick Probe 200:  with cable, rigid probe, for temperatures up yo 200°C


StickLog Pro - Complete software (USB drivers included)
TecnoStick Interface - USB drivers Windows XP
TecnoStick Interface - USB drivers Windows Vista / 7
TecnoStick Interface - USB drivers Windows 8 / 10
SRI - USB drivers Windows XP
SRI - USB drivers Windows Vista / 7
SRI - USB drivers Windows 8 / 10
Fridgelog Z - Complete software (USB drivers included)
FLI - USB drivers



Main features

  • Mission programming and reading using a PC through the TecnoStick Interface or SRI and FLI portable interfaces
  • Reduced size for easy use for every need
  • Quick response time
  • Stand-by function: start the logger and then, using the metallic clip, set it to a stand by status. In this way you can send many pre-programmed loggers to the sender of the products without providing him with the software and the interface. Before sending the goods he will just have to remove the clip to start the acquisitions
  • Works with StickLog Pro and FridgeLog Z software


  • High accuracy and precision
  • Product's core temperature controlled directly
  • Submersible thanks to the protective case
  • Easy to use with SRI and FLI portable interfaces
  • Compliant with HACCP and EN12830 regulations
  • MKT formula implemented, for quick data analysis, also on SRI and FLI
  • Provided with calibration certificate Accredia (NIST equivalent) traceable (on demand)
  • Long life battery

The system

The basic system, for transport, is made up by:

  • TempStick data logger
  • StickLog Pro software
  • TecnoStick Interface or SRI

The FridgeLog Z system, for continuous monitoring, is made up by:

  • TempStick data logger
  • FridgeLog Z sotware
  • FLI interface

Dimensions 63 h X 65 Ø (mm)
Probe dimensions Cable 300 l X 4 Ø (mm) or longer - Probe 30 or 80 l X 4 Ø (mm) pointed or rounded
Weight 91 g
Temperature range -30 °C ÷ +60 °C
Standard calibration points (temperature) -30/0/20/60°C
Extra calibration points (temperature) Within the range -40 °C ÷ +80 °C
Temperature resolution 0,03 °C
Temperature accuracy ± 1 °C without certificate / ± 0,25 °C with Accredia traceable certificate (valid in the calibration range)
Memory (n. of acquisitions) 2.730
Acquisition step From 1 every minute to 1 every 255 minutes
Battery type 3.0V CR2032 lithium (2017 IATA DGR: PI970 Section II, < 4 cells)
Battery life Up to 10 years or 3 millions of acquisitions
Protection degree IP63
Software&Mobile App StickLog Pro, FridgeLog Z
Accessories TecnoStick Interface, SRI, FLI


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