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Tecnosoft tool for logger opening

Universal tool used to open data loggers for battery replacement. Intuitive and easy to use, allows to quickly open any high temperature device.

For SterilDisk and PasteurDisk series loggers two accessories are needed, to be used simultaneously.

Note: due to high thermal stresses some loggers might require to be put on a vice or the use of the opening tool too to be opened.

Main features

Compatible with:


  • SterilDisk (all versions)
  • P-Micro
  • S-Micro (all versions)
  • S-Disk J
  • S-MicroW (all versions)
  • PressureDisk (all versions)
  • S-Radio (all versions)
  • L-Disk (all versions)
  • RHTemp (all versions)
  • PressureDisk (all versions)

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