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The BlueTrails app is ideal for pairing your BlueLOG loggers with a Smartphone or mobile device and transmitting data via Bluetooth at a programmed rate. The data is transmitted in real time and is displayed directly on the display of your Smartphone: once the mission is completed you can generate a report in PDF, excel or csv and share it via e-mail. It is also possible to start the logger and download the data only at the end of the missions. The app shows the chart and the table of acquisitions as well as some statistics such as maximum and minimum and allows the calculation of the MKT. By pressing the button on the logger, a reading is sent to the app and an event marked by a marker on the graph is recorded. Events are useful for recording important moments during monitoring such as deliveries, door opening or other. If the monitoring is in real time, you can manage different deliveries by associating each with a place, selectable on the map, and an email address of the person to send the report to. At the end of the day you can view the route taken on the map. By connecting a Bluetooth thermal printer it is also possible to print the data to be attached to the documents upon delivery.

It is possible to associate your NOD (Nebula Of Data) account with the Tecnosoft Cloud to the app for remote data monitoring.


Main features

  • Personalized BlueLOG programming: it is possible to program the acquisition rhythm, identify the sender, recipient and the place of departure and arrival but also the stages made during the journey.
  • Live Data Viewing: Always keep an eye on your data, alarms and graph at all times!
  • Temperature and slope monitoring
  • Mission archive management: keep all your missions and review them whenever you want
  • Visualization of the graph and data table for all missions
  • Management of multiple devices during the same mission: multiple loggers can be started at the same time
  • Calculation of MKT
  • Connection to the Cloud NOD


  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • You don't need any other device but only your Smartphone
  • Allows you to find a specific logger on the main screen by simply searching for it in the search bar, by pressing the button or with the Contactless Tag
Operating systems Android 10 or above
It requires Bluetooth 4.0 device or above
Data management Saved in internal memory, printable with Bluetooth printer or sent via email (PDF, Excel, csv)
Data display Realt time visualization of current data in table or graph
Customizable parameters Acquistion step / max and min limits / MKT calculation/ start and stop on button pressed / alarms for anti tamper, tilt and shocks / set the maximum duration / add notes

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