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Temperature and humidity data logger bluetooth for real time control with hits and falls check

Temperature and humidity data logger with data transmission via Bluetooth (5.0 m 4.0 compatible) directly to Android and iOS devices via the BlueTrails App. It is possible to set the data acquisition rate and display them in real time on the cell and the alarms are communicated when the temperature and humidity are out of limits (programmable limits). Upon delivery to destination it is possible to send the data by e-mail. By connecting a Bluetooth thermal printer it is also possible to print the data to be attached to the documents upon delivery.

Among the additional features of this version there are the NFC tag for association with the Smartphone placed on the front instead of on the back, the measurement of inclination and shocks, thanks to the 400G accelerometer, the extended memory and an anti-tamper system to verify that it is not removed from its wall mount.


Software download and related accessories



Main features

  • Real time data transmission on Android/IOS devices
  • Long life battery: 2 years with continuous transmission every 15 minutes
  • Real time check against alarm thresholds
  • Generates PDF reports via email
  • Tilt (16G) and shock (bump, drop, 400G) measurement
  • Front NFC tag for association to the Smaertphone
  • Extended memory for longer missions
  • Anti-fraud system coupled with the wall support
  • Optional Reference traceable calibration certificate available


  • No extra accessory: your smartphone is all you need
  • Small size suitable for every package and box
  • Real time alarms
  • Bluetooth printer paired to the smartphone available
  • BLE 5.0 for long range transmission

The system

BlueLOG XRH data logger does not need of any additional accessory. Just download the Android and iOS App and you are ready to start using it.

Dimensions 67 X 20 X 97 (mm)
Weight 18 g
Temperature range -30 °C ÷ +60 °C
Standard calibration points (temperature) 5/30/50°C
Extra calibration points (temperature) Within standard calibration range
Temperature resolution 0,01 °C
Temperature accuracy ± 0,2 °C
Humidity range 0% ÷ 100% RH (not condensing)
Standard calibration points (humidity) 30/50/70% @ 30°C ± 10°C
Extra calibration points (humidity) Within the range 10% ÷ 90% RH
Humidity reslution 0,1%
Humidity accuracy ± 3% RH from 10% to 90% / ± 4% from 0% to 100%
Memory (n. of acquisitions) 8.730
Acquisition step From 1 minute up (in steps of 1 minute)
Buttons and functions Immediate reading button, stop acquisitions button
Functions Connection, acquisition and alarm LED
Functions Data recording, transmission, alarm
Functions Immediate reading button, Bluetooth pairing button
Functions Tilt and shock monitoring, anti tamper function, buzzer for acoustic alarms
Functions Anti-tamper: Using the wall mount it will indicate on the app when the logger is placed in its support and when it is removed.
Communication Bluetooth BLE 5.0
Battery life Up to 2 years life with acquisition rate of 15 minutes
Battery type 2 X AA 1,5 V batteries
Protection degree IP67
Software&Mobile App BlueTrails
It requires Bluetooth 4.0 device or above


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