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Choose your BlueLOG features!

Can't find the version of BlueLOG, the Bluetooth logger, perfectly suited to your needs? You would like a device with a particular combination of functions and features and that is fully customizable.
Write us your ideal BlueLOG configuration and we will be able to produce a batch just for you: you will have a unique device perfectly in line with your needs.

All BlueLOGs have these characteristics:

Contactless (NFC) tag on the back
Hard case with o-ring

Here is which sensor types you can choose from (only one of them can be mounted):

  • Internal temperature sensor (NTC)
  • Internal temperature sensor (PT)
  • Rubber external temperature probe (NTC)
  • External temperature probe in Teflon (PT)
  • Temperature and humidity sensor with filter

These, on the other hand, are the optional features to choose from (you can choose the desired combination)

  • Buzzer
  • Contactless tag (NFC) also on the front
  • 16G accelerometer
  • 400G Accelerometer (16G Accelerometer also needed)
  • Extended memory
  • Anti-fraud system on positioning

There are two possible types of alternative power supplies:

  • 2 X 1.5V AAA Battery
  • 1 X Battery 3.6V -50 ° C

The minimum order for a customized production is 300 pieces. Contact your sales representative for a quote.

Software download and related accessories



Dimensions 67 X 20 X 97 (mm)
Weight 18 g
Temperature range -30 °C ÷ +60 °C
Acquisition step From 1 minute up (in steps of 1 minute)
Buttons and functions Immediate reading button, stop acquisitions button
Functions Connection, acquisition and alarm LED
Communication Bluetooth BLE 5.0
Battery type 2 X AA 1,5 V batteries
Protection degree IP67
Software&Mobile App BlueTrails
It requires Bluetooth 4.0 device or above


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