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Software for USB data loggers monitoring that automatically provides reports in PDF format

Log Connect is the management software for USB data loggers with automatic generation of PDF reports such as:

  • TempPDF-L
  • HumiPDF-L
  • PressPDF-L

It is possible to download the complete software from this page.



Log Connect 3.86 - Complete software (USB drivers included)


Main features


  • Start and download data from the loggers
  • Data table in excel format
  • Multilanguage software and report
  • Customizable report header
  • Possibility to update the firmware
  • Customize the folders where to save data and database


Operating systems Windows 10, 11 (32, 64 bit)
Data loggers supported TempPDF, TempPDF-L, HumiPDF, HumiPDF-L, PressPDF, PressPDF-L
Data management Saved in the data logger internal memory and customizable folders
Data display Multilanguage PDF report


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