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Rotation data acquisition software

Rotator software allows to program and donload data from the Rotator logger for rotation and temeprature up to 125°C monitoring. Software gives the possibility to set acquisition rate and duration of the mission. Once data are downloaded they are shown in graph and excel exportable table, along with a rotating 3D model.


Rotator - Complete software (USB drivers included)
DiskInterface HS, DiskInterface HS Mini - USB drivers Windows 8 / 10
DiskInterface HS, DiskInterface HS Mini - USB drivers Windows XP / Vista / 7


Main features

  • Rotator logger management
  • Moving 3D model (manual and automaitc) according to the acquisitions
  • Date exported to excel
Operating systems Windows 10, 11 (32, 64 bit)
Data loggers supported Rotator
Data management Every mission is saved in a single file
Data display Graph, table, 3D model rotation simulation
Customizable parameters Acquisition step, mission duration
Languages English


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