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Radio Monitoring Humidity Temperature with LoRa

DeepWave is the complete solution for real-time monitoring in rooms, warehouses, fridges, cold rooms, ultra freezers. It consists of a series of radio data loggers with long distance transmission (LoRa protocol) available in numerous versions, and a receiver connected to the TSLog 21 software, which can be validated in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, healthcare and medical fields.
The system is widely versatile and scalable and allows you to extend the network at any time, being able to add sensors and radio modules wherever and whenever you want. Radio data loggers use Smart Sensors, always supplied with a calibration certificate, which allow quick and easy recalibration of the entire system.

Software download and related accessories



Main features

  • Based on LoRa radio protocol (Long Range) for long distance transmission and wide signal coverage
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Radio modules with internal memory for no data loss
  • Smart sensors calibrated and recalibrated quickly and easily
  • Compatible with pharmaceutical, healthcare and food regulations and therefore validable according to international standards
  • Expandable at any time
  • Data always under control thanks to remote alarms


  • Long distance transmission thanks to the LoRa protocol
  • Wide range of radio sensors for temperature, humidity, differential pressure, light
  • Easy to install
  • Remote alarms always under control
  • System to manage the availability of employees

The system

The system consists of:

  • Lo.Ra. radio modules
  • Receiver Helios
  • TSLog 21 software



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