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Nebula of Data is Tecnosoft's Cloud for managing your loggers

Nebula Of Data (NOD) is the advanced Cloud Tecnosoft to remotely manage data from transport monitoring loggers. View in real time, if the logger is connected directly to a Smartphone, the data while they are detected and print the reports or store the files on your computer.

You can manage your entire fleet by assigning viewing permissions to multiple operators in your company and activating each app separately. Management is simple and the data arrives directly without you having to do anything.

The Cloud manages all the loggers of the BlueLOG series.

There are different cuts depending on the number of data loggers you want to use, with half-yearly and annual fees. Contact your sales representative for information.


Main features

  • Creation of multiple users in the same company
  • Assigning loggers to each user
  • Visualization of data in real time
  • Map geolocalization
  • Generation of reports in PDF and excel


  • Ease of use
  • All your data within reach of your Smartphone wherever you are
  • Do not wait for the logger to come back to unload it


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