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Tecnosoft in Egypt!


Recently, thanks to our partner Green TK, we demonstrated the operation of our TSLog 21 software to technicians from local pharmaceutical companies. The TSLog21 allows the DeepWave monitoring system to be managed using the LoRa protocol, with the ability to display real-time data from environments, …

Does the software ask you to register?   Tecnosoft software requires you to fill in a registration form at the time of the first start on a new PC.Registering the software is required in order to use the software: an activation code is sent by email with which you can activate your license. …

The new version of the TS Manager is out!Tecnosoft is always on the ball, our R&D department is constantly updated and it listens to the customers' needs to satisfy their requests; for this reason, some new features have been implemented in our TS Manager software, the three main ones are:•…

Ts Manager upgrade


A new update is available for the TS Manager. Download it and consult the version release document to find out what's new.

The new version of TS Manager is now available. New features, such as total customization of the header with your own logo in the reports, enabling and disabling users and much more. Download it from the Tecnosoft site.

A new TS Manager version is available: download and install it to obtain various upgrades and new features!

New TS Manager version is now available. Among the many new features we recall: - possibility to print just the sections' graph and table - new MKT analysis - new analysis on max and min limit of temperature and humidity - new leak test analysis for pressure - TempStick and HumiStick implementation