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New TS Manager version

The new version of the TS Manager validation software is now available for download via our TecnoUtility app.

Version presents many new features that will make your work much easier and at the same time will provide you with new tools for analyzing your data, the most precious thing about your work and which Tecnosoft always helps you collect, store, to analyze.

Here are just some of the new features you'll find:

  • Maximum, Minimum and Average Lethality Curves in Groups
  • Graph with the Lethality curves of all the loggers
  • Ability to set the parameters for Lethality calculation for curves in Groups
  • TC-Log support: it is now possible to start and download data from up to 8 thermocouples connected to the TC-Log
  • Automatic creation of a Group when I download data from a TC-Log
  • Assignment of logger names to data table columns in groups