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Tecnosoft in Egypt!


#Tecnosoft monitoring solutions are also very successful in Egypt!Our Alberto Di Lauro this week has a very dense schedule and full of very interesting meetings.He is meeting many Egyptian pharmaceutical companies and is carrying out tests and presentations using our monitoring systems!

Cold chain


Did you know that we have a wide range of data loggers for Cold Chain monitoring? Our monitoring solutions of temperature and humidity are suitable in the food, pharma, medical and diagnostic fields.These devices can assist in validating your processes of conservation and transport at the correct …

New Humistick


We are back! The new year is bringing along a lot of news!Here is the first: the new version of our HumiStick.It has a new design and the battery is user replaceable!   Take a look at it

Are you a temperature-controlled transporter? Do you need a system to prove that everything went well on the way?Do you need to store precious commodity in warehouses?Tecnosoft meets these needs!Our goal is to monitor that the integrity of the cold chain of your products is guaranteed.We have …

Dear Tecnosoft’s newsletter readers, welcome back from your summer holidays. Today we face a less known aspect of our work, investigating a recent phenomenon that at the moment only insiders are noticing: the materials and components shortage. We will do this by interviewing Antonio Basile, …

BlueLog X


Did you know that with the new Bluelog X you can monitor the inclination and shock during the transport of your goods?

Long Term Rent


Would you like to wait to invest in the purchase of a fleet of tools!The rental service we talked about on Tuesday may not be exactly what you are currently looking for!Don't worry!Now, you can access to our long-term leasing plan.Rent the system for a few months or years and redeem it at the end or…



Do you need a large number of loggers for overtime work?Do you need to temporarily expand your fleet?No problem!We can provide you with the loggers you need for hire.You can request:- temperature and humidity loggers for cold chains and mapping of rooms, warehouses, refrigerators,- temperature and …

Tecnosoft may be the key piece for the logistical challenge posed by the new anti-Covid vaccine. A very complex challenge since it must be transported and stored at a temperature below -70 ° C. In fact, the company has developed systems using various technologies, from Contactless to Bluetooth, …