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BlueLog X


Did you know that with the new Bluelog X you can monitor the inclination and shock during the transport of your goods?



Constantly checking moisture or temperature level is necessary to monitor:_ houses _ premises_ factories  _ sensible places such as cellars Use our dedicated data loggers!

Nebula Of Data


NEBULA OF DATA: ALL YOUR DATA ON HAND!Let’s talk about the new NOD Cʟᴏᴜᴅ that allows you to associate your BlueLog to the CloudYou have all your data together in a "virtual" archive!Simple and intuitive to use, it is only necessary to associate it toTecnosoft BlueTrails App

Do you suspect something wrong with your transport?You want to reduce the risk of fraud but you don’t know how? In our data logger BlueLog and TempNFC we have included the anti-tamper function (anti tampering) that allows you to monitor if the data logger has been moved from the location …

BlueLog -80


Would you like to monitor real time temperature thanks to a small device?Would you like to monitor temperature controlled transports using your smartphone?Using BlueLog you can do it! Our BlueLog is a temperature data recorder with Bluetooth technology:_ The version for ultra freezers is …

Are you a temperature-controlled transporter? Do you need a system to prove that everything went well on the way? Do you need to store such a precious commodity like the vaccines for Covid19 in warehouses? Tecnosoft is ready to face this global challenge! Our goal is to monitor that the…