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In these dark hours #Tecnosoftsrl is operative. We are in a lucky position compared to other realities. We have enough space so that each person can have a separate room or stay at a more than safe distance from his/her colleague. We don't have contact with the public and we can keep working as …

Tecnosoft is Prepared to Grant Maximum Levels of Security of the Systems We Deliver You. Our Personnel is Equipped With All Necessary Protection Devices to Face Even Present Emergencies and Is Trained to Prepare and Pack Your System Without Any Risk For the Recipient!

The device for monitoring extreme vacuum, the Pirani Vacuum Logger, is also the ideal tool for validating freeze-drying processes. It can be calibrated from -60 ° C and record pressures up to a thousandth of a mbar.

Ts Manager upgrade


A new update is available for the TS Manager. Download it and consult the version release document to find out what's new.

From today the validation software compatible with the FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU annex 11 and GAMP 5 regulations supports the latest arrival of Tecnosoft devices, the Pirani Vacuum Logger. The "Pirani" is the ideal companion for monitoring temperature and above all pressure at very low temperatures and…

Business 24 TV and web channel interview, with Alberto Rossi, Tecnosoft partner, on the past and ffuture of Tecnosoft.