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S-Micro XL/MicroW XL heat protection 1, up to 250°C for a maximum of 17 minutes.

Heat protection for S-Micro XL / MicroW XL loggers, resistant up to 300°C, protects up to 250°C for a maximum of 17 minutes. This heat protection can be used in combination with S-Micro XL / MicroW XL heat protection 2.

It is possible to ask for extra calibration points up to 220°C, max calibrable and readable temperature, for the S-Micro XL data loggers, and up to 250 for MicroW XL (the probe only can reach such temperature, the data logger maximum operative temperature will always be 140°C).




Main features

  • For calibration over 140°C the minimum probe length is 50 mm
Dimensions 190 h X 37 Ø (mm)
Weight 417 g
Data loggers supported S-Micro XL, MicroW XL
Minimum probe length 50 mm


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