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Wireless lora 200°C temperature sensor

Smart temperature sensor for radio data logger of the DeepWave system with LoRa Wan technology, for ovens and climatic chambers starting from temperatures up to 200 ° C, with Teflon cable.

The Smart Sensor contains the calibration and identification data in its electronics: so the recalibration process is simple and quick: just replace the sensor that is sent to you, calibrated, before the calibration expires of the one installed, without having to request the intervention of a technician on site for calibration or having to remove the data loggers from their position to send them to a calibration laboratory.

There are no additional costs!

All Smart Sensors are supplied with an Accredia traceable calibration certificate included.


Main features

  • Standard cable length (50 cm) avilable but different rigid stainless steel probes: 30 or 80 mm, rounded or pointed
  • Using the extensions it is possible to extended the cable length
  • Possibility to switch sensors and devices with no calibration loss


  • Easy recalibration: no need to uninstall the whole device for recalibration (sensor and unit), just disconnect the uncalibrated sensor and connect the calibrated one
  • Time saving: you never loose a single minute of monitoring, since you receive the new calibrated sensor BEFORE unplugging the old one (that will be sent back to us)
  • Easy to use: no configuration needed. The system recognizes automatically the sensors connected


The system

Smart Sensors of temperature up to 200°C are implemented in the DeepWave system and LoRa Wan radio nodes:

  • DeepWave LoRa radio modules
  • TSLog 21 software, 21 CFR compliant
  • Receiver Helios
Smart Sensor Dimensions Cable 500 l X 2 Ø (mm) - Probe 30 or 80 l X 2 Ø (mm) pointed or rounded
Connection cable 100 l X 3 Ø (mm)
Sensor temperature range 0°C ÷ +200°C
Standard calibration points (temperature) 0/100/150/200°C
Extra calibration points (temperature) Within the range 0 °C ÷ +200 °C
Temperature resolution 0,01 °C
Temperature accuracy ± 0,2 °C (within the calibration range)


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