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Temperature and humidity data logger from -40°C to 125°C with USB interface

Temperature and humidity data logger from -40°C to 125°C managed with Windows software and USB interface (DiskInterface HS, Universal Multibay). Battery is user replaceable and the data logger comes with a Reference traceable cetificate on several points.

Among the possible applications there are the drying processes monitoring, especially of pasta, of powders and grains storehouses, of extreme environments.



Main features

  • Small size
  • Completely food grade
  • User replaceable battery (software shows battery status)
  • Accredia (NIST equivalent) traceable calibration certificate included
  • Available extended calibration from - 40°C (order extra calibration points)


  • High accuracy and precision
  • Printed reports compliant with health regulations and ISO (data are not editable in the software)

The system

The system is made up by:

  • RHTemp temperature data logger
  • DiskInterface HS or Universal Multibay
  • HumiPressureDisk software or TS Manager software (compatible with the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulation)
Dimensions 46 h X 17 Ø mm - 18 Ø (mm) PEEK ring
Weight 36 g
Materials Stainless steel AISI316L, PEEK
Temperature range -40 °C ÷ +125 °C
Standard calibration points (temperature) 23/50°C
Extra calibration points (temperature) Within the range -40 °C ÷ +125 °C
Temperature resolution 0,015 °C
Temperature accuracy ± 0,2 °C (0 °C ÷ +60 °C) / ± 1,3 °C (-20 °C ÷ +80 °C) / ± 2,3 °C (-40 °C ÷ +125 °C) derates linearly
Humidity range 0% ÷ 100% RH (not condensing)
Standard calibration points (humidity) 30/50/70% @32°C ± 10°C
Extra calibration points (humidity) Within the range 10% ÷ 90% RH
Humidity reslution 0,02%
Humidity accuracy ± 1,8% RH (10% ÷ 80%) / ± 4% RH (80% ÷ 90%) @ 23°C ± 10°C
Humidity drift 1% ÷ 2% / year (depends on use conditions)
Memory (n. of acquisitions) 10.112
Battery life +8.000.000 acquisitions at 1 second step continuously (calculated time @25°C. Battery life may be shorter if used in low temperatures)
Acquisition step From 1 every second up, with 1 second steps
Protection degree IP50
Software&Mobile App HumiPressureDisk, TS Manager
Accessories DiskInterface HS, Multibay universale



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