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In case of damage, can the loggers be repaired? Who will carry out and where will the service be done? What is the lead time?

Depending on the damage suffered, the data logger can be repaired or replaced. For example, in cases of mechanical breakage, such as the breakage of the housing or the tip, the part can be replaced. The logger, however, may not be repairable if, as a result of these breaks, steam or water have entered the data logger itself, thus damaging the circuit (the electronics), the sensor (the sensitive part) and the battery . In this case all parts should be replaced; therefore it is better to buy a new data logger. There are two other parts that can be replaced ie electronic and the sensor. Once received, the Tecnosoft logger will analyze it to determine the damaged part and send a quote for the replacement. The warranty provided by Tecnosoft lasts 12 months and covers the replacement of the circuit and the sensor. Mechanical damage and batteries are not covered. If the sensor and / or circuit need to be replaced, the data logger must be recalibrated because the calibration chain has been interrupted.

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