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Where can I find the software to download for my device?

With the system that you received, a document was delivered to you indicating which software to download based on the device and any reading base purchased. On the website, click on “Software / Download” in the main menu at the top. Most of the software is managed by TecnoUtility, the first item you find. Click on it and then download and run it. Select the software you want to install and you will find the eenco of supported devices. from TecnoUtility you can also update the software already installed.

If the software you want is not in the Tecno Utility, go back to the site and scroll through the list of available software to find the one indicated on the document and click on it. In the "Download Software" section, download the file for the item with the name and version of the software and the indication "Complete software". Once the download is complete, open the folder in which you saved the zip archive and open it: extract the contents into another folder and, after opening the latter, start the installation by clicking on the "setup" file.

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