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Device is not connecting / the software does not see my logger

The reasons for which the connection between data logger and software does not occur can be vary. If you have multiple devices and no one is connected, the problem could be on the interface or the software configuration. If you have multiple devices and only one does not connect, refer to the instructions dedicated to your device. As for the interface, check that it is correctly connected to the PC and that the logger is correctly inserted. Make sure the parts in contact are dry and clean. Try to disconnect and reconnect the interface after waiting a few seconds. You can also check that the USB drivers are installed correctly: to do this you need to open the Device Manager in the Windows Control Panel (the way to access it varies both from the version of Windows you have and from the set display mode.On Windows 7 and 10 you can click Start and write "Device Manager" to find it). Check that under "Ports (COM and LPT)" or under "USB Controller" (depending on the interface you have) your interface is listed without any indication or warning symbol. If there are any indications of problems, right-click on the interface item and click on Update Driver. Select the option to search for drivers on your computer and open the folder in which the drivers are located (in the Driver folder in the file downloaded with the software or in the installation folder of the software itself).
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Refer to the instructions dedicated to your interface and your operating system. If the problem persists, contact Tecnosoft support.


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