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The logger does not connect

If the data logger inserted on the interface does not connect, follow the instructions in this FAQ.
For the high temperature loggers managed by the TS Manager you can follow these further indications.
First of all, all the metal parts of both the data logger and the interface must be cleaned dry. Secondly, check that you have positioned the data logger correctly: the tip or the sensitive part always go upwards and in any case the face with the writings, with the laser marking, must always face downwards. Obviously, this does not apply to cylindrical loggers that must be positioned upright with the tip pointing upwards. Check that the metal parts of the interface adhere to the metal parts of the data logger. Also try disconnecting the interface and reconnecting it to both the same USB port and another USB port, making sure that the USB drivers are installed on this second port as well. One of the main reasons the logger does not connect is due to a low battery. To verify this, follow the instructions in the video tutorial on the Tecnosoft YouTube channel to know how to open the logger correctly and remove the battery.
You can test the battery with a tester. If you have a spare battery, replace it. Remember to also replace the o-rings in addition to the battery, so as to ensure the seal of the logger under water and under pressure.
If the battery is charged or even after having replaced the logger it continues not to connect you can do a simple check with a tester.

If the problem persists, contact the technical assistance to find out how to proceed.

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