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Logger does not connect

There are many reasons why a logger does not connect. Maybe its battery is empty and you need to replace it. Check on our Youtube channel for battery replacement tutorials for each type of logger. Maybe you have already replaced the battery but misplaced it with the wrong polarity. another reason is that the logger has not been closed properly or that it is not properly dried and cleaned.
PC connection is a match between many different small connections: the battery must be inserted correctly and the spring must stay straight and touch the center of the circuit. If you bend the spring while closing it, after battery change, the spring won't touch its connection golden strips on the circuit. Then, the logger must be closed well so that the spring is pushed down, forcing the battery to make good connection with the bottom.
The metal parts must be clean and dry, also on the interface. The moving fork of the DiskInterface HS or Multibay must be pressed on the logger, not just rest on it. Try to push it down with your finger and see if it connects. It might be slightly bent and not making a good connection.
When you replace the battery all loggers will be in error. Just start them to synchronize them with the PC.

For futher assistance use our Support website, please.

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