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Logger’s measuring not correctly

In the event that the data detected by the data logger were obviously wrong, that is to say considerably distant from those that are expected, it is likely that:

  • software you are using is not the latest version. Open website page with software list and download latest version for the the one you are currently using.
  • the logger is used out of its range of shunt. Refer to this FAQ.
  • there is a problem on the data logger and that it may be damaged. In this case, contact Tecnosoft support for instructions on how to proceed.

If, instead, the read values deviate slightly from those expected, it is not necessary that the logger is actually reading incorrect values. In order to verify the accuracy of the device, it must be tested in an environment where the parameters of temperature, pressure and humidity remain constant for a certain period of time. Furthermore, it is necessary to have a reference device with a valid calibration certificate that can serve as a comparison for the values read by the data logger To carry out the comparison correctly it is necessary that the sensitive parts of the data logger and the reference instrument are very close and that the environmental parameters of temperature, pressure and humidity do not vary for a sufficiently amount of time that can range from 20 to 40 minutes. If you have more than one data logger and want to compare them all together it is necessary that they are programmed with an acquisition rate equal for all and that they are placed in that constant environment as close as possible. If the doubt of incorrect readings persists, contact Tecnosoft support.

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