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What are the lead times for maintenance?

The maintenance time of a data logger obviously varies depending on the model and the type of intervention proposed. Also the quantity of the devices in maintenance determines the delivery times. Consider, for prevention, at least 7 working days from delivery in Tecnosoft at the time of shipment by Tecnosoft. In the event that only the recalibration or possibly a battery change is necessary, the times should be less, about 4 days from the order or from the payment confirmation, for temperature loggers only. For pressure and humidity consider 10 days, for RHTemp from 12 to 15. In case of repair it is possible that you need to add 7 to 10 more working days before being able to ship. These times are always from the order or payment confirmation.

Summary (considering modest quantities of devices):

  • Temperature recalibration only + battery change: 7 days
    Humidity or pressure recalibration: 10 days
    RHTemp recalibration: 12/15 days
    Circuit and / or sensor and / or tip replacement: 7 days (to be added to the recalibration time)
    Replacement tip bendable or flexible: 12 days
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