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How can I set F0?

In some Tecnosoft software such as, for example, SPD and TS Manager, it is possible to enter the parameters for the calculation of lethality (F0, PU, A0 etc.). The parameters to be set by the user are essentially three: the reference temperature, the value of z, the cut off. On TS Manager it is also possible to set a Target lethality value (to be reached or exceeded) so that the program can, after having calculated the lethality value based on the recorded data, immediately communicate to the user if this target value of lethality has been reached or not. These parameters are set differently depending on the software and for this reason it is advisable to refer to the specific instructions of each software. Tecnosoft does not provide any information on the parameters to be entered as they must be decided by the operator who must carry out the process or the validation.

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