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Loggers are not reading the same values

If, in a repeatable manner, it is verified that the loggers used in the same environment are not aligned, it is possible to carry out a check to compare them. In general, consider that to make these comparisons it is necessary to use an environment with constant parameters over time. For this reason, tests carried out in cells, rooms, refrigerators, autoclaves, pasteurisers or other types of machinery are not to be considered valid since the temperature in these rooms is either not constant for a sufficient period of time or is not uniform. It is however possible to make a comparison between the loggers depending on the devices you are using. If data loggers are set for ambient temperature, from -30 ° C to 60 ° C, it is possible to program them all with the same acquisition time and insert them, for example, in a refrigerator or closed in a separate room, cupboard, box, and let them record for a day and a night. In the case of loggers with IP68 protection degree and, therefore, submersible and which can withstand high temperatures over 100 ° C, it is possible to carry out a very simple test: program the loggers with a 30 second acquisition rate and boil water in a pot. Once the water boils, place the loggers, with the sensitive part facing upwards, into the water. Wait 20 minutes after which you can remove the water from the heat and wait for it to cool. Once cooled you can recover the loggers and download the data for comparison. The loggers after about 15 minutes must all have reached the same temperature around 100 degrees.

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