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Installation does not start

If you have downloaded the management software for your monitoring system you should have saved a zip archive in the folder where you download the files, which is a file that contains other files in a compressed manner. In Windows it is not possible to start an executable, such as installing a program, from within a zip archive. You must, therefore, open this archive and extract the files using the appropriate option Extract file ... or by dragging them to a folder that you have previously created and from this point start the installation from the folder where you extracted them.

Create a folder for example on the Desktop or in the Downloads or Documents folders and open it. Now double click on the file you downloaded to open it. Select all the elements it contains and drag them to the folder you created before. At this point, close the folder for the file you downloaded and keep the new folder open. Start the installation from inside the latter by double clicking the "setup" file.

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