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How should I perform recalibration correctly?

The calibration mode varies depending on the data logger model. If you have a watertight and submersible data logger such as those for autoclaves or data loggers with external tip and cable, you can immerse them in the calibration bath, otherwise it is necessary to use a calibration chamber. In the event that autoclave loggers are to be calibrated, as the entire data logger is subjected to the high temperatures of the sterilization process, it is necessary to calibrate the entire data logger, so both the sensitive part, the tip, and the electronics. For this reason it is necessary to immerse the entire logger in the bath and do not keep the electronics at room temperature by calibrating only the sensitive part, or by immersing the tip. Furthermore, it is important to place the sensitive parts all close together and as close as possible to the sensitive part of the instrument that will be used as a reference to calibrate the data loggers.

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