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What are the standard calibration points of the PressureDisk?

The standard temperature calibration points of the PressureDisk (not PressureDisk 05) are those of all loggers for high temperatures: 25/50/75/100/121/140 ° C.

The standard pressure calibration points are: 50 / 1k / 2k / 3k / 4k mbar absolute.

In reality, each of these pressure points is calibrated on 5 different temperatures that include all the range of use of loggers, from room temperature up to 140 ° C. Therefore, the actual pressure calibration of the PressureDisk is made up of 25 different points. On the calibration certificate, however, only the 5 pressure points are reported with a single reference temperature to which that pressure has been calibrated, omitting the other 4 temperature points. This decision is due to the desire to report the most significant temperature for that pressure point, considering the univocal correlation between temperature and pressure in the main environment where the device is used, a steam autoclave.

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