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Tri-Clamp connection for temperature and pressure data loggers

Using the Tri-Clamp joints you can easily monitor temperature and pressure in pipes using Tecnosoft loggers.If you have an S-MicroW L or XL Tri-Clamp you can connect it directly to the Tri-Clamp connection of your pipe for a correct seal. The length of the tip is at your choice so you can request the most suitable probe for your system and go to monitor the temperature at the point that interests you the most. Even the pressure, through PressureDisk and PresureDisk 05, can be easily monitored with a small screw-on tool threaded part at the head of the logger, transforming it into a tri-clamp logger.


Main features

  • Simple and practical attachment
  • No additional tools required
  • Suitable for all standard pipes
  • Length of temperature probe as desired

The system

The system consists of:
  • S-MicroW L / XL Tri-Clamp data logger with length probe on request
  • DiskInterface HSSoftware
  • SPD or TS Manager


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