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Protect your loggers with a warranty extension

Don't wait for events! Protect your investment: buy warranty extensions for Tecnosoft loggers. You can request it when you buy new devices or during routine maintenance such as recalibration

You can choose between Plus warranty extension, which covers the circuit and the sensor, or the Full Risk one, which also covers mechanical damages. When your logger is covered by warranty, you will also save on recalibration and battery replacement costs.

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Main features

The following loggers are eligible for warranty extension:

  • Serie SterilDisk (inclusi PasteurDisk, PasteurDisk Can, SterilDisk Can)
  • Serie S-Micro (inclusi P-Micro series e versioni L/XL)
  • S-MicroW
  • S-Radio (incluso P-Radio)
  • PressureDisk (escluso PressureDisk V)
  • RHTemp
  • Pirani Vacuum Logger


At the time of purchase you can choose between:

  • Plus: warranty is extended for 12 extra months, so it will expire 24 months after the date of purchase (date of the invoice)
  • No Surprises 1: Full Risk service for the first year (12 months) from purchase (date of invoice) against damages, for a maximum of 1 repair in the warranty period.
  • No Surprises 1+2: Full Risk service that extends warranty for another 12 months (24 months in total after purchase, from date of invoice) against mechanical damages too, for a maximum of 2 repairs in the warranty period.

At the time of maintenance between:

  • Plus: the warranty is extended for another 12 months from the recalibration date
  • No Surprises: Full Risk service against damages, for a maximum of 1 repair in the covered period, including the standard Plus guarantee, for another 12 months from the recalibration date

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