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TempStick, HumiStick, Syrinx radio system management software. Immediate evaluation of the curve, remote alarms with the wireless system.

Management software for TempSticks (all versions), HumiSticks and ZED IT radio sensors from Syrinx system.
FridgeLog Z is designed to monitor temperature and humidity continuously, so for all those applications where a non-stop control is required: especially for environments, fridges, fridge cells in supermarkts, logistic warehouses. The database is organized by branches and monitoring spots for each branch, the recorded data are appended to the previous one downloaded for each point, so to have the thermal history for that particular point of monitoring.
The software allows an advanced management of the data and to insert directly in the graph the registered Non Conformities, indicating the Corrective Actions and the closing date, as demanded by the ISO standard. It can be used with TempStick and HumiStick and FLI (data are downloaded periodically to the interface and then transferred to the PC) and with the wireless ZED IT sensors  of the Syrinx system, for a real time check. Data evaluation is made through the MKT (Mean Kinetic Temperature) formula: different monitoring profiles can be created to be assigned to the different spots to check the acquired data that go out of the set thresholds. Using the ZED radio sensors it is possible to get real time alarms too.
The software is multi-user and multi-level (Administrator, Advanced, Standard), with login and password access. It allows to print reports, inclduing the data table and the NCs registered and can print also all the points in each branch in one time. Data backup is very easy and the reverse option to restore all the backed up data is quick and simple too. Sharing data with other user is very easy also: different branches can be managed from the main centre, sinchronizing the data from the different PCs in the network.



TecnoUtility - Download to install the software
FLI - USB drivers



Main features


  • Can be used with both standard data loggers and wireless sensors
  • Continuous monitoring and easy access to the data thanks to the time range selection
  • Non Conformities and Corrective Actions management
  • MKT calculation
  • Immediate evaluation of the curve
  • Remote alarms with the wireless system


The system


FridgeLog Z with standard data loggers is made up by:

  • TempStick (all versions) / HumiStick
  • FLI

The Syrinx system with ZED IT radio sensors is made up by

  • ZED IT (all versions)
  • EAPL
  • Syrinx L


Operating systems Windows 10, 11 (32, 64 bit)
Data loggers supported TempStick, HumiStick, ZED IT
Data management Continuous monitoring sorted by monitoring point with data append
Data display Graph (with zoom) and table (exportable into Excel), markers for process start and end, printed report of all the data, Multi graph
Calculated parameters MKT
Alarms Email, SMS (with ZED IT and Syrinx system only)
Languages Italian, English
Customizable parameters Acquisition/transmission step, maximum, minimum, absolute maximum, absolute minimum limits, activation energy for MKT calculation



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