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Profiler for baking and painting ovens

The loggers of the TC-LOG series are ideal for monitoring baking processes in a variety of applications. To be perfect profilers, however, they must be able to withstand temperatures above 130 ° C for a certain time, the limit for these devices. Here, then, that the thermal protections intervene, barriers against the heat of the environment to preserve the data loggers for the entire duration of the process. This protection is suitable for TC-Log 8 USB models, for thermocouples with connector. The logger is wrapped in layers of insulating material and the protection is strong and sturdy, with a through hole for the sensors.
Download the sheet with the thermal curve to see the resistance time at different temperatures.


Dimensions 29 X 28 X 10 (cm)
Weight 5,7 kg
Data loggers supported TC-Log 8 USB, TC-Log 8 K USB, TC-Log 8 T USB


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