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Compact logger for painting and baking ovens up to 300 ° C

When you need a compact oven monitoring profiler, the TC-Log 8 S with its thermal protection is the ideal combination. The thermocouples, up to 8 and of any type, are connected directly inside the logger and the compact dimensions of the device and its thermal barrier allow it to be used even in confined spaces.
Using the TC-Log series loggers is easy: just start and download them by connecting directly to the USB port on board. The protection allows you to exceed the limit of 130 ° C allowing you to use the devices at much higher temperatures even for a long time.
Check the thermal curve among the available materials to find out the exposure times of the protection at different temperatures.


Dimensions 20 X 14,5 X 6,5 (cm)
Weight 700 g
Data loggers supported TC-Log 8 S USB


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