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TempStick, HumiStick data logger management software for Windows, data exportable to excel, MKT and dew point calculation

StickLog Pro is the management softweare for Stick series data loggers such as:

  • TempStick (all versions)
  • HumiStick

It is possible to download the software update and USB drivers for the TecnoStick Interface and the SRI from this page.


TecnoUtility - Download to install the software



Main features

  • Start and download data from the loggers
  • Graph with zoom and selection of the curvs to be displayed
  • 4 limits: minimum, maximum, absolute minimum, absolute maximum
  • Limits displayed on the graph
  • Data table
  • Heat index and dew point calculation (with HumiStick only)
  • Data exportable to excel
  • Printed reports with information on the acquired data, table, graph
  • Create programming profile to start quickly the loggers
  • Customize the folders where to save the data

The system

System with StickLog Pro is made up by:

  • TempStick (all versions) / HumiStick
  • TecnoStick Interface / SRI
Operating systems Windows 10, 11 (32, 64 bit)
Data loggers supported TempStick, HumiStick
Data management Missions sorted by starting date and logger serial number
Data display Graph with zomm, table, printed report with all data, graph, statistics
Customizable parameters Acquisition step, minimum and maximum limits, absolute minimum and maximum limits, activation energy for MKT calculation, notes and info (sender, operator, recipient)
Calculated parameters MKT
Languages Italian, English, German



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