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Accuracy in calibration range

What does it mean that accuracy is valid in the calibration range?
Has someone explained it to you?

Read it now, the data loggers have:
A) an operating range, ie a range within which the logger in its entirety can work,
B) an operating range of the sensor, this is the range within which the sensor only, covers the excluded logger (therefore, excluded electronics and batteries) can work,
C) a calibration range, a range in which the logger is actually calibrated.

_ Whether the loggers are supplied with a calibration certificate included or upon request, standard calibrations are performed on fixed points that are the same for all, to make the calibration processes uniform.
_ However, it is possible to request additional points within this standard calibration range and for some objects even beyond this range: in this case the logger calibration range is extended.

The accuracy that is declared is relative to the calibration range only as the points of the calibration curve are corrected in this precise range.
Some loggers have good accuracy even outside the calibration range: S-microW

For other models the accuracy outside the calibration range is unpredictable. For this reason, when choosing the monitoring system, it is a good idea to check the calibration code and request additional points if necessary.

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