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The importance of thermal process check

Perhaps you don't know that most of foods we eat or drink every day are the result of processing subjected to very strict controls.

Food & Beverages sector, in parallel with catering, requires numerous and constant controls to ensure the quality of production, preservation, refrigeration, always optimal and in compliant with the requirements of the regulations and standards such as HACCP, FDA, BRC.

More than 30 years of experience have helped us develop extensive knowledge of the problems related to the process control aspects.
Food is the first sector in which we started to propose systems branded TECNOSOFT!

Our range of temperature, pressure and humidity data loggers is suitable for multiple applications:

• Beverages, canned food and jams pasteurisation processes
• Canned food in tinplate, cans and jars sterilisation processes
• Autoclaves monitoring
• Retorts monitoring
• Monitoring of fresh filled pasta
• Pasta and grains drying processes
• Cooking processes
• Bakery
• Cooling processes
• Ovens
• Smokehouses

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